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Beaupre Sports Center



This activity is located a few minutes from Chalets-Village's country homes.


A 5-minute drive from our office or a 5-minute walk from our Manor is the Beaupre Municipal Sport Center. With an outdoor pool, public beach, river kayak, tennis, amusement park and more, you are sure to find activities for you and your group.

To use the tennis court you need to call us to borrow the key which must be immediately returned after your game. The tennis courts policies demand that once new players show, you must give room after 30 minutes:

2 tennis courts close to our houses


A fully equipped park is available at all times for kids to enjoy, the area is far from streets and is fenced:

Playground for kids close to our houses at Chalets-Village

On the Sainte-Anne River, very clean water, sandy beach, but no swimming into the river :

Access to a beach on Ste-Anne River

The beach close to our Manor

Accessible to all ages at certain hours during summertime. Open at the end of the day and during week-ends. There is a 3$ fee per person:

Heated swimming pool close to the Manor

Baseball diamond, kayaking, cross-country and more are available:




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Please call us for details.

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