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Basic information


5:00 p.m. Please do not arrive earlier without asking us if by phone or e-mail a few days before because our cleaning team is on duty.


10 a.m. on departure day, since the cleaning team needs time to do a thorough job. If nobody has rented your cottage that afternoon, you are welcome to stay until noon. Thanks you, our staff appreciates your help.


That responsibility is yours during your stay and we supply some useful items to do so. It is very much appreciated that you leave the cottage as clean as possible after your stay. Please put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher before leaving.

We provide soap, toilet paper and hand soap, dish washer soap and green trash bags in sufficient quantity to have a good start for your vacation. 

Depending on use and number of guests, you might want to bring some additional material  with you or buy it at the grocery store nearby. Please put all trash in plastic bags and place them in outdoor green containers so that small animals don't tear into them. Each house has also a special container for recycling.

It is our pleasure to provide you with firewood free of charge. Considering this is not the case elsewhere, we ask you to make reasonable use of it for evening fires. We provide you with 5-6 logs of hardwood per evening, which is enough for a reasonably sized fire to burn 4 hours.
Kindling, paper to start your fire and matches may not be in your house. If not, it is available at the grocery store nearby. If the client before you has left some, it would be much appreciated by the client following you if you would leave some as well.
We also offer for rent in the Spring, Summer and Fall, a portable exterior fireplace for nice evening fire at $75 for 2 nights. Advance reservation requested.
Finally, we would like to remind you that smoke from fireplaces causes some pollution. It is advised to use firewood reasonably. Thank you for your understanding.
Houses no. 1805, 1830, 1820, 1825 and 1927 offer in option a big spa all year long. They must be reserved at least a few days before your arrival.
At each of the other houses, we can arrange for one or two private outdoor hot tub (SPA) to be installed right outside your house. These spas are filled with new water before your arrival so you are guaranteed that they are clean. They can accommodate up to 6 people each. This is possible in the Springtime, Summer and Fall. You must make your reservation at our office phone number at least 1 week prior to your arrival.

We offer an outdoor BBQ that can be used with briquettes at houses no. 1805 and 1806. You can buy these briquettes and liquid-starter in our area. We also offer on request a standard propane BBQ at $75 for the week-end and a very big propane BBQ at $125 for the week-end. Reservation in advance requested.


If you are interested in using the Day Center for kids during the ski season (ski lessons and kindergarten from 6-month old), it would be advised to reserve ahead of time. Reserve directly at 827-4561.


All linen is supplied for the number of persons you reserve for. There will be one medium size towel and one face cloth per person. At the end of your stay, please leave all towels and sheets that have been used in the bath room.


We leave salt, pepper, some spices and sugar for your convenience. There is a grocery store and a bakery open 7 days a week within walking distance from your cottage. There are also two Shopping Centers within 5 miles at Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré (Maxi and IGA). We recommend to bring some Saran Wrap to protect the freshness of your food during your stay.


Available in all units but there is no VCR, CD or DVD equipment. Please bring yours if you wish.


It is our pleasure to make your golf reservations in advance. Your payment has to be sent to us at the time of reservation.


During peak season, you should reserve all ski lessons in advance at the Ski School: 827-4561 # 341

TRANSPORT: For groups of at least 20 people, shuttle transportation around MSA and Quebec City can be arranged for you. Give us a call if you need help. Parking is free during wintertime at the base of the ski hill.


An information manual is in your cottage at your arrival. You will find detailed information on anything you need to know around Mont-Sainte-Anne. Please have a good look at it. You can also prepare your vacation by consulting our web site where you will find a lot of information on our area.


Children under 16 travelling with family are only required to show proof of citizenship (birth certificate and photo ID)

U.S. citizens ages 18 or less traveling between the U.S. and Canada with school, religious, cultural or athletic groups and under adult supervision are allowed to travel with only proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate.



  • Did you have a chance to let each member of your group know the address of their house at Chalets-Village? Do they have the map we sent you so they can easily find their house on day of arrival?

  • Did you tell your group that they can visit their house, ahead of time, on our website and that they can find on line a lot of information on our area?

  • Did you consider that on the day of arrival it may be easier to order pizza or BBQ from one of our local supplier for dinner?
    Please keep in mind that parking is free at the base of the mountain.

  • Do you want to make any restaurant reservations? Would you like the service of a caterer to prepare some of your meals?

  • In case of an emergency, we need to have the name of the person in charge of each house in order to facilitate communications.

  • If you reserve many houses, we need the name of the person in charge at each house, so we can contact them in case of emergency. We also need to know in which house the organizer of the trip is staying.

  • You will find in each house a white binder that will give you a lot of information on our area. Take time to have a good look at it upon arrival.

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