We now have studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom ski-in ski-out at the mountain. Call us.

  • François Turcotte General Manager

    François Turcotte acts as General Manager.

    New owner of Chalets-Village, François Turcotte takes the lead of the company in 2019 to undertake a modern turn by creating relaxed, festive and fun environments for his customers in a family setting.

    Originally from Quebec City, François has been a full-time resident of Mont-Sainte-Anne since 2009. He is a father of 2 and an avid outdoorsman, who makes the most of every moment to ski, mountain bike, kite and surf with his children, while offering exemplary service to his customers. You’re sure to see him during your stay at Chalets-Village.

    With his great sense of hospitality and family character, François offers impeccable service sprinkled with anecdotes to make your experience at Chalets-Village an adorable one.

  • François Plante Director of Operations and Logistics

    François Plante is Director of Operations and Logistics.

    Originally from Quebec City, François, also known as Frank, has been a resident of Mont-Saint-Anne for 8 years now. His passion for the outdoors is nothing new. Frank spent 5 years in Western Canada perfecting his skills in the restaurant business before settling permanently, close to his family, at Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges.

    For several years, he has held managerial positions in various food service establishments in the busy downtown area of Quebec City. An accomplished skier and avid outdoorsman, Frank never misses an opportunity to enjoy his natural surroundings.

    Newly appointed Director of Operations and Logistics on the Chalets-Village team, his great sense of hospitality and jovial nature will be put to good use to make your experience a memorable one.


  • JESSICA ÉMOND Accounting and HR Director

    Jessica Émond acts as Accounting and HR Director

    As the new owner of Chalets-Village, Jessica Émond supports the family business’ move towards modernity by contributing with her creativity to its innovation.

    Originally from Tremblant, Jessica has been a resident of Mont-Sainte-Anne for over 10 years. She loves to enjoy the region’s outdoor activities with her 2 children, while providing exemplary service to her customers.

    A smile awaits you with this renowned tax accountant on the Chalets-Village team. Her great sense of hospitality and family spirit will help make your experience at Chalets-Village an adorable one.

  • Malia Chevrette Customer service and marketing manager

    Malia Chevrette is Customer Service and Marketing Manager.

    Newly promoted to Customer Service and Marketing Manager, Malia has just completed her studies at McGill University in Management with a specialization in Organizational Behavior.

    An avid outdoorswoman, she enjoyed her cottage at Mont-Sainte-Anne for several years before settling down permanently. Malia is passionate about everything to do with health and well-being. If you go to Mont-Sainte-Anne, there’s a good chance you’ll see her on the hiking trails.

    You can count on her expertise, empathy and dedication to make your stay at Chalets-Village unique and unforgettable. Don’t hesitate to approach her if you come across her, she’ll be happy to meet you.

  • Dahlia Lavoie Customer Service Representative

    Dahlia Lavoie is a customer service agent.

    Originally from Mont-Sainte-Anne, Dahlia grew up on the mountain’s downhill ski slopes. She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is continuing her studies with a certificate in Human Resources. Dahlia loves nature and outdoor activities. You may come across her during your stay on her daily walk with one of the owner’s dogs, or on her way to bring you fresh eggs from the chicken coops.

    Dahlia will listen to your needs and help you find the perfect cottage for your stay.